Dopus Music Player

I made Xspf Music Player with Dopus and put on my "Korean dopus forum" front page. :smiley:
Here is my player.

Very cool!

Very nice...

The link above does not work...

How did you do this, can you share the buttons? Thanks

A good idea, But I don't know how to handle it, The "Shuffle" and "Repeat" is a big question.

The shuffle can be done using "SelectEx" form tbone in scripts-section, but I would recommend using an ext. player (like AIMP), create a floating toolbutton being always on top and control the player via the toolbar (I included transparent icons for that in my S-DOX II IconSet). So it's accessible on every screen, but doesn't bother you (like most miniplayers/skins do).

How does the volume selection and progress bar get into the DO window?
I also have a layout, that mimics a full player (controlling winamp in the back), would be interesting to know about your tricks, as a lot of tricks are involved with attempts to use DO as a player interface (showing currently playing track, cover etc.).

I made a Random Shuffle button for Directory Opus 12, which may be of interest.