Dopus no longer rescaling and snapping into it's zone with FancyZones on multiple monitor setup

I'm having this problem over one week now. Not sure it is since the last update of Dopus, or if it's anything Dopus related. I'm working with a 3 monitor setup and when shift-dragging a Dopus window into it's zone on the left and right monitor the automatic rescaling and snapping via FancyZones into it's zone is no longer taking place. Automatic rescaling and snapping into the zone is still working fine on the central monitor. On the left and right monitor there is a certain rescaling of Dopus, but it seems to be ad random.

The issue is not there with other applications.

PS edit:

  • dragging a Dopus windows into the zone does not work
  • when in Fancyzone choosing for "overwrite windows snap zones", the + > < seems to work fine for Dopus (so I'll take this as my workaround)

I don’t think we changed anything recently which could affect that, so it’s probably something that changed in FancyZones.

I have seen FancyZones clash with Windows 11 functionality on my multimon setup. Not only Dopus, other Apps (Calibre) just don't get into correct positions anymore. Switching off FancyZones and just using the Win11 function has helped a bit, Calibre still misbehaves. FancyZones also gets regular updates with every build of Powertoys, so you might just want to check the current version again.
Win 11 has a neat function for this if you hover over the resize button. Unfortunately it does not do multimon.

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