DOpus no longer supports XP x64?

Today I tried to install 10.2 (64-bit version) and got the following error:

I thought that the support got dropped and tried to reinstall 10.1... getting the same error. It was already installed before and working fine. Now I'm stuck with Windows Explorer. :frowning: What can I do?

You need Service Pack 2 for XP x64.

Maybe service pack related? What sp is applied to your XP install? I thought there was a different error if it was sp related... but awhile back the installers were updated to prevent install on pre-sp3 WinXP due to compatibility / dependency issues.

Hm isn't 64-bit version of Windows XP for Intel Itanium architecture only? I am not an expert but I think only x86-based code that can run in Win XP 64 is 32 bit (via WoW64), all 64 bit code must be compiled for Itanium architecture on Windows XP 64 bit. If that is the case, 32 bit Opus should run for you. ... plications

Are you sure previously installed version of Opus was really 64 bit?

(if I'm wrong someone please correct me)

(In other words, 64 bit version of Opus you downloaded is not compatible with Itanium architecture even though Itanium is 64 bit.)

You always want to use 64-bit Opus on a 64-bit OS.

The x64 version of Windows XP is for x64 processors, the same as the x64 versions of Vista, Win7 and Win8.

(The Windows XP Itanium version is something different. Virtually nothing runs on Itanium, which doesn't matter as Itanium ended up a dead-end and stopped being used years ago. x64 is the 64-bit architecture which we all use; Itanium can be forgotten.)

As long as you have XP x64 with SP2 installed, or XP x86 with SP3 installed, the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit version of Opus should install on it, as per the Minimum Supported versions of Windows section at the top of the FAQ which the dialog in the root post points to.

Yeah, it turned out that I indeed has SP1. However, I wonder how I managed to install the previous version in this case...

...presumably, the last one you installed without the issue was an older enough version that it was from before the installers were updated to check for minimum required sp's.