DOPUS not starting in default listers

I hope this image tells it all.
I did a windows update in WIN11 this morning and since, this is the error I get.
I use DOPUS as replacement for explorer always and just dble click to open to my default listers.
At first the error pops up immediately, the listers try to read in the background until they show up, but I have to close to continue and it does the same thing again.

If I close often enough it comes up blank and I can use favourites to access files, but if I try to go to 'My PC' I get the error.

We had another report via email that a Windows 11 update today had started causing crashes, which went away when it was removed. I don't know which update it was, unfortunately.

I've updated my Windows 11 test machine and am not seeing any problems on there. I don't know if that means the update has been fixed/replaced/recalled or if there's more to triggering the issue than just having it installed.

If you still see problems after checking Windows Update for new updates, please send us the crash logs: Automatic crash logs (for bug reports)

Thanks Leo,
I have checked for new updates and seen nothing yet. I have set my default lister as anything but 'My PC' and it is working fine for now. I will try again after the next update to Win11.

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