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DOpus on EeePC :)

That's tiny, sweet and really powerful thanks to DOpus :slight_smile:

The highly customizable UI of DOpus is really helpful to allow its use on such a small resolution (800x480). And I'm still amazed to see our favorite piece of software running that smooth on this tiny device :open_mouth:

Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue: High five on the DOpus development team :smiley:

Looks excellent. I installed Opus on my eeePC last night, but hadn't had a chance on customising.

And on the back of that, could you send me your customizations? Perhaps you can PM me. It would make a good starting point for my eeenvironment. :smiley:


Oops seems like my answer could be late here! Anyway, tell me if you still need customizations and I will send it to you :slight_smile: