Dopus refreshes every minute or so

I've noticed that recently (the last few months) Dopus keeps automatically refreshing itself (as if I pressed F5) and I want it to stop doing that. Is it a bug or can I turn it off?

Have you installed any Script AddIns recently or is another piece of software monitoring or operating on the folder thats refreshing?

No I haven't installed any Script Addins and it happens in any folder.

Not sure then, it doesn't happen here with 12.20.4. Something must be telling Opus that the folder needs to be re-read. Perhaps an AntiVirus?

Is this happening when you change tabs (or do something else), or is it happening by itself when nothing else is going on?

Is any other software (e.g. File Explorer or web browsers) doing anything similar?

It's doing it by itself. I've got it open on a second screen and while I do other activities on my other apps, it does it randomly.

I'm running build 7394

I thiink it's got something to do with the Favorites. When the Favorites is open, it does it sometimes but when the Favorites is closed (with the + sign), it doesn't do it.

Do you have Quick Access in the tree as well?

No, I haven't got that enabled

If it seems tied to Favorites then it's probably being triggered by a particular folder (or folders) in the Favorites list.

Is there anything unusual in there? For example, anything like Control Panel or This PC that isn't a normal directory? Or anything pointing to a removable drive or a network drive which isn't always available?

I had a dropbox folder in favorites but that wasn't updating at the time. I've also got a download folder. I removed the dropbox folder from favorites and I still see it but it happens so fast that I don't see which folder it is.

If there's nothing personal there, perhaps you could do a screenshot snip of your Favorites (you can use Windows' built-in Snipping Tool) and then paste the result in a message here. After Snipping, just use the Copy option in the Edit menu...


Note: And for those that like something fancier and far more configurable, there's always ShareX.

No matter how you capture it, if the image is in the clipboard, you can paste it directly in your message reply here with CTRL-V. It will be inserted directly in the message and show up in the preview on the right.

Annotation 2020-05-18 084959
Here is the favorites list

As long as I leave the favorites list collapsed, the effect doesn't happen but as soon as I expand it, when I add or remove a file in one of the favorites folders (or sub-folders), it flickers with an update.

Are D: or E: special drives in anyway? For example, are they network or removable drives?

Also, bear in mind, Documents and Pictures are both "Libraries." They are special folders that can refer to more than one real location. If you right-click a Library and choose Properties, it should show something like the below. Note that each library can have multiple locations. It's possible a location inside a library is also one of those locations that needs refreshing a lot. To make things more confusing, Windows has Documents and Pictures as real folders under your profile (my own Documents folder is at C:\Users\ric\Documents) as well as the virtual folder that's called a Library (added in Windows 7). They can both have the same icon. I'm not sure which your Favorites list is showing, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to check.

D: and E: are local hard drives. I don't have networked drives in my favorites.
Documents and Pictures are C:\Users\Martin\Documents and Pictures respectively and are not libraries. I hardly use libraries anyway. I store all data on my local hard drives, D, E, F, G. I avoid where possible storing data on C:.

Try removing folders from the Favorites list until it stops happening. That should point to the direction to investigate next.

You can copy /dopusdata\ConfigFiles\favorites.ofv somewhere first if you want to create a backup, although with just a few items in the list it's probably easier to use your screenshot to recreate it afterwards.

Thanks, I will close this issue now as it hasn't been happening once I collapse the favorites folder.