DOpus & Shell stop working / restarting after plug in / plug out USB drives

I use currently DO 12.2.5 (beta) x64, but the problem I have from the very beginning.
The problem is revealed that when DO is operating in substitution Explorer, after connecting a USB drive or memory stick, the program crashes and reboots. If this applied to just DO something I live with it, but unfortunately with DO occurs reboot system shell. This in turn causes that lose convenient access to programs that are normally available from the systray (eg. GeForce Experience or onedrive).
Event Logs of the system (Windows 10 Pro x64) record error: Explorer.exe in module C: \ WINDOWS \ System32 \ wscinterop.dll
When I turn off the DO replacing Explorer - the problem persists.
I will be grateful for any idea to solve this problem. If they need any additional information - of course they will grant.
Regards Veers

If you turn off Explorer Replacement, then reboot, then insert a USB drive without any Opus windows ever opening, does the problem still happen then?

If so, it probably isn't related to Opus and Opus is just being taken out the same as the shell by whatever is crashing.

If there are crash dumps please zip and email them to us. They may let us tell you which component is crashing or possibly why.

Disabling antivirus, and disabling shell extensions using ShellExView, may also be worth a try in case they are involved. It's probably one or the other with a crash that happens as soon as a drive is inserted or opened. Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories has more.

Thank you for your answer. Tomorrow will check and let you know the results.