DOPUS suddenly quit previewing movie files in viewer pane

i'm not sure what happened but everything was working fine and was able to view my videos in dopus with the viewer pane, but today when i tried to do this, i just got a bunch of letters and numbers. what could i have done to make this happen? it does it to all video/movie files.
Thanking you in advance for your support.

Do movies play okay in Windows Media Player? It's not exactly the same as Opus but they both rely on the same underlying stuff to play videos so it's a good first test.

The first section of this FAQ, which suggests temporarily assigning filetypes to Windows Media Player to repair registry settings, may help:

[HOW TO: Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus)

yes they play fine in wmp and i've checked the file associations bu they still won't play or preview in dopus.

thank you

Is the Movie plugin enabled? If you configure it does it list the appropriate file extensions?

i have it enabled.....i don't know what could have changed from one day to the next. i've even uninstalled and reinstalled the program.

My guess is it's your video codecs. It's odd that WMP works fine, though.

If you are on 64-bit Windows then that might explain it, as the default WMP is 32-bit and uses 32-bit codecs while Opus is 64-bit and uses 64-bit codecs, which may be different.