Dopus Taskbar Icon change per folder it's viewing?

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I thought I'd ask.

Is it possible to have the dopus explorer/lister icon in the windows taskbar change depending on which folder it's viewing?

Ex. Say if I open my dropbox folder, then instead of the dopus folder icon in windows taskbar it would change to the dropbox icon.

Is this possible?

That isn't currently possible, sorry.

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For me the taskbar is not a cosmetic, but a productivity issue. I've customized many folders in my setup. In Explorer it allows for a quicker and easier search of the specific folder window in a congested taskbar.
Can you consider doing something in this area?

Would like to give this wish a little bump. Just switching over to Opus and that is one thing I am missing too as I really miss being able to snag a folder at a glance by it's custom icon in a sea of folder tabs in the taskbar.

There's an option here these days:

Probably the most controversial change we made in years, when it was on by default, so it's off again by default. :slight_smile:


Fantastic, thank you! I thought I searched for "folder icon", but just tried again and it's there. Must have mis-spelled when I searched LOL. Thanks again Leo!

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