DOpus temp files for custom batch file being deleted automatically?

I am having an issue with some custom buttons I have made. I made a batch file that lets me select a bunch of video files and then convert them to other formats. So as you can guess that can take some time. I made a dopus custom button and have it set to run my batch file and use the temporary file dopus makes to go through the list of files to process. These files are in the temp directory and usually of the form dop[timestamp].tmp that contain a list of files to process using {allfilepath$|filemq} . I haven't had an issue with this setup in the past but today I was trying to batch convert a large number of files and it seems the temporary file get deleted and then breaks the batch file. I think it is directory opus that is deleting these temporary files automatically after like 15-25 minutes. Is there a way to disable this?

If Opus itself generates and runs the batch file, it should only be deleted once the process running the batch file (i.e. cmd.exe) has finished, and the .bat is also at least 10 minutes old.

Lists of files generated {allfilepath$|filemq} may be deleted after 10 minutes, since we can't always know how they will be used but expect them to be read as soon as the thing consuming them has started.

If you need those to last longer, copy the file to another location as part of your batch, then delete it at the end.

Thanks Leo I did just that. I was kind of hoping there was a flag to avoid having to add the extra code to a few other batch files that potentially have the same issue if given enough files to chew through, but this way works too. :slight_smile: