DOpus tries to preview PVZ files but shouldn't

Dopus always hangs when trying to preview PVZ files in the Preview Pane. PVZ files are CAD files that can be viewed and edited with PTC Creo View. To my knowledge, there is no preview handler for PVZ files installed on the system, and no previews are displayed for these files in Windows Explorer, or elsewhere for that matter.

How can I prevent Dopus from even trying to generate PVZ previews (and crashing when doing so)? I already tried and disabled several preview handlers, but that didn't help.

That doesn't happen for me, at least with the sample file I found here:

Can you provide an example file that crashes?

Do you still see a crash if you turn off both of these?

Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Pane:

  • Display shell thumbnails
  • Display shell icons

If turning those off means it no longer crashes, then it's a third party thumbnailer or icon provider for the format which is crashing. You can disable those using ShellExView.

If it still crashes with those turned off, try turning off all viewer plugins at once.

If crash logs were generated, you can send them to us in case they identify the code or component that is crashing. It's most likely something outside of Opus as nothing in Opus knows about PVZ files.


Thank you Leo,

Disabling those two options fixed the problem.

I had also noticed that Dopus hangs on other files when trying to preview them, including *.adi files, which are hard disk images created by Aomei.

I will now check, using ShellExView, what could be the reason for problem.

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I have now disabled a lot of different handler extensions (see below) and the problem seems to be completely fixed.

Thanks for the help!

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