Dopus unresponsive after SVN Update


I am an Opus user (ver who uses the Subversion SVN source control system and, for a while, I have noticed after I do an SVN Update Dopus becomes unresponsive. Dopus hangs and will not let any open listers be used, and it appears as "Not responding" in the Task Manager. It does respond eventually but the amount of time it is unresponsive for seems related to how many files were updated in the SVN update. If I update 3 files the time is not noticable but if I update a few hundred (which I do on a daily basis) then the time can be a minute or so.

Has anybody else noticed this behaviour and, if so, know how to get rid of it? If I use explorer I dont get the same problem.

Thanks in advance.

First of all: You did not say which client you are using. I assume it is TortoiseSVN. I am using this combination, too. Since a long time. With lots of files. Older versions of Opus had problems with the overlay icons but since that was corrected I don't have any issues with this combination!! Perhaps you have the "recursive overlay icons" options active that makes Tortoise pretty slow. Try to deactivate that and see if it helps. If not, the usual "reinstall as much as you can" approach might help.

Yes, it is TortoiseSVN I am using. I do have "recursive overlay icons" activated so I will try to deactivate it and see what happens. Thanks for your suggestion.