DOpus v10 Suggestion List

I hope this is an appropriate place to put this post, however, I think it probably belongs elsewhere, I just could not find a suitable place. Feel free to re-locate this posting if there is a better location.

DOpus v10 Suggestion/Feature List:

  1. Under "Find" - a history list, that has a user-settable depth (up to 1000 or more), with a "name-completion" like feature.
  2. Under "Find" - an "excluded" folder list to complement the "Find In:" list. For example, I install Matlab and it is painful to have find look through there.
  3. Support for SVG files.

That's it for me, I've been a long-time user (since the Amiga v1 days) and continue to love the product. Thank you for your years of support.

-Kevin Mcilhany

For 2, you can already do this in the Advanced tab of the Find panel. See the FAQ: How to filter items by location or sub-folder.

May I add:
1- more than 2 folder tree connected together;
2- option button to be able to open the first level folder and then automaticly opening, in the next folder tree, the first subfoder...and if request 1 is possible open all subfolder...but it's not christmas...yet :wink:

Please stick to one question per thread.

Also, feature requests should be sent to GPSoftware.

Of course, feel free to discuss ideas here at the forum (it's often good to see what other people think or if there are ways to do things you didn't know about before sending a feature request), but wishlist topics just make it easy for all those ideas to get lost in a jumble.