Dopus very slow opening large zip files

Dopus is very slow opening large zip files. I downloaded the following zip file and tried
to navigate it using Directory Opus. It takes many seconds to open the folders and the whole
application stops responding while it's reading the folder (this was a bit of a surprise).

If I read the same zip file with 7zip, it can almost instantaneously read the folders. Dopus is
significanly slower, I am talking like 100x slower! There is some room for improvement here

Sample zip:

Thanks for the report.

We should have a workaround for this problem in a future update.

For what it's worth, the problem is caused by the Windows shell rather than Opus's own zip code. If you open Windows Explorer and expand the same zip file in Explorer's tree, you see a similar delay. Something about that file causes a pathological slowness in the shell's zip code. Opus asks the shell about the file in a couple of places and that triggers the shell to open it, which takes a long time.

I think we can remove those queries when it's a zip file, to solve the problem.