DOpus wants to replace 'Freecell'

I play the game 'Freecell' frequently---and I have been playing that game for many years! :laughing: So I keep a Freecell icon on my desktop. However, since I have installed DOpus9, whenever I click on the Freecell icon, DOpus9 opens. :cry: I have looked for a setting that might be causing this, but I haven't yet found one. So please tell me how I can get Freecell to open without the need to open DOpus9.

What is the target of the Freecell icon? (in the Properties window)

Regards, AB

The target of the Freecell icon is the following:

And it's just Freecell that does this?

What if you create a new Freecell shortcut (or use the one in the start menu)?

What if you modify the existing desktop shortcut to run a different exe?

Creating a new Freecell shortcut seems to have solved my problem.
Thanks for you help on this.