Dopus watching a folder and moving files out of it

Can Dopus watch a certain directory and auto-move the contents to another directory without user input?

Or should I stick with programs like Belvedere and MoveOut?

The problem is, those programs will only move files, and not folders.


Opus doesn't do that, sorry.

You might also try using macro scripting software like: Macro Express Pro or AutoHotkey.

Macro Express:
Easy to use macro scripting utility for Windows (has a proprietary pre-built scripting language library.)

A free, open-source macro scripting utility for Windows.

Both will accomplish this. However, I recommend Macro Express, it’s easier, to use and learn. Search the user forum on their site. There you will find many threads and examples for file and folder watching.

You can achieve this using a batch file and Windows Scheduler which saves you having to install anything else.

I tied something similar... [url]Move... Wait... Move]

thank you sirs

I just hope what I come up with is smart enough to not try to move folders while files are still being deposited in them