DOpus Widescreen 16:10

Sasa's DOpus 8 :smiley:

(for DO9 move down)

Nice :slight_smile:

Thanks Nudel.

I like a "tidy" DOpus. Perhaps I'll disable the labeling in future for more space and less rows, but presently I have to memorize all the icons/buttons :slight_smile:

very nice!
where have you the windowsicons from? the most of them arent in shell32.dll, i also looked for them but didnt find them, so i captured it and saved it as gif :smiley: looks not that good like you can see on my screenshot...

Ahhh, that rocks :slight_smile: thanks!
i've to spend more time exploration this forum

Yes, that's the DOpus XP Icons. I like them.

Most people unfortunately use WinExplorer, so "official" Icon-Collections don't have icons for "move (as)", "attrib", "foldersize", "view mode", ... :cry:



I'm finally moving to a 16:10 screen, and I'm looking forward to configing Opus for it. I love your set up! Where did you get the very nice toolbar backgrounds?

Thank you.

The backdrops were drawn by me, very very easy, just 2 lines in 2 different colors. I posted them in Backdrops.

Thanks! Very much appreciated!

Hey Sasa,

You Opus looks incredible, care to the share what you used to get the "Grey-White"-striped background on the toolbars & menus ? It looks so cool ! :open_mouth:

EDIT : Got it, thanks ! Really nice ! :smiley:

Updated 11/2007