DOpus Windows 8 Crash

I can duplicate this with the current release version of DOpus and the current beta. I'm aware that Windows 8 probably isn't officially supported, so I understand that this will probably be more of a bug report than something that will be fixed right away.

Anyway, the actual problem is that DOpus crashes when I copy text. Not file copy operations--that works just fine. It occurs occasionally when I press Ctrl-C to copy text in Evernote, and most severely, almost every time, in PDF documents. I've uploaded a screenshot of the crash message. I do a lot of copy/paste during my day, so watching DOpus crash constantly throughout the day kind of sucks.

Thanks for your support!


Do you have any clipboard monitors or similar tools installed? Or anything that hooks the way programs/windows behave or look?

I'm guessing this is some kind of conflict with another tool as otherwise we'd have had several reports about it by now, since copying text is very common and several people are using Windows 8 as well. If we can track it down to a likely combination of tools or settings then we can try to reproduce it and work out what's going on.

I usually do use a clipboard monitor called AceText, but I haven't installed it on Win8 yet, so that can't be the problem here. The only apps that I have installed are Evernote, Dropbox, UltraVNC, Spotify, Scansnap Manager for a Fujitsu S1500, Acrobat Pro 10, Firefox (where most of the PDF->DOpus crashes occur), Chrome (which also involves crashes but not as often), Virtualbox running a couple VMs (but the crashes occur when VMs are not running as well), and Hamachi.

What's the relationship between the web browsers and pdf/Opus?

They're crashing as well? At the same time?

The browsers are not crashing at all, DOpus is crashing the moment I press ctrl-c in a pdf, either with the file open by itself or within the adobe browser plugin.

Is a crash dump created that matches the date and time of the crash?

Is this happening in or

I've seen it happen in the beta and the current release. I've attached the dump files that were in the temp directory, but the number of dump files doesn't come close the real number of crashes.

Thanks for your help so far,

We need to know which dump files to look at, as some (or all) may be unrelated.

Next time it happens (or if you can make it happen on demand), could you check if a new file has been created for that date & time and, if so, send that one to us?

BTW, it's best to send them via private message just in case they capture any sensitive data. They don't capture much but it's always possible. (I've removed the attachment from the post above, and nobody else downloaded it, so don't worry about that.)

Dump files sent via PM.


Thanks for sending the dump files, we think they show what the issue is and we will implement a workaround for the problem in the next beta version.

Cool, thanks very much for your time.