DOpus (x64 USB version) can't create or open Zip files

When I try to create a zip file or open a zip file in Directory Opus 9.5.5 x64 (USB exported), I get an error.

Opening a zip shows this message:

An error occurred reading zip folder: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. (14)

When creating a zip archive, Dopus created a 22 byte zip file. A view of the file in a hex editor shows that it starts with PK and the rest are zeros.

Any one getting this error?

Which OS are you running on?

I just got a message from support saying:

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the x64 version when exported to USB.The third-party zip library that Opus 9 uses is only available in 32 bit, sothe x64 version accesses it via a COM proxy. In order to work the COM proxyhas to be registered in the registry, which only happens when Opus is fullyinstalled. The USB version is not installed, and so the COM proxy is notregistered, and so therefore Zip does not work properly.

The solution for the moment is to export and use the 32 bit version whenrunning off USB. Opus 10 will ship with a new zip library with a native x64version and so this limitation will not be an issue in the future.

I have this error on my hd installed version of DO x64 in Win 7 x64. Tried to downgrade to the 32 bit version but it failed, telling me to install the x64 version. There may be a workaround for the 32 bit install on Win7. Temporarily I moved to Free Commander for my zip files until this all gets worked out. When is 10 due?

If it's not working on a HDD install, try reinstalling it over the top of itself (no need to uninstall first, though if you do be sure to backup your config first).

That's fixed it for a few people in the past.

I've reinstalled several times with no change. Get this though. I just went to backup my configuration files (no I didn't do this before, duh) and I get "Error code 14: Not enough storage space to complete this operation. Hmmm... I run from a SSD with 60gb remaining and tried backup to there and D: with 300gb free. Both gave me the same storage space error. I run with a rather slim page file on a separate partition on that D: drive, having 8gb of system memory. Haven't had any problems till now.

Config backups get zipped so if zipping isn't working the backup wizard won't work either.

The config is all stored in files -- no registry settings -- so you can back it up by hand if needed (see here).

Opus 9 64-bit uses a COM object/exe for zip support. If you have something blocking the exe (dopusx64.exe) or the main Opus process from talking to it (e.g. anti-virus/firewall or similar set to a very paranoid mode) then that could be what's going wrong.

OK, got it working. I'm not sure what finally did it, but I resized my swap partition and page file on the odd chance I was bumping some limit there. No go. So... I reinstalled, again. Bingo. I've reinstalled about 5 times over the last few weeks. Not sure why this time worked but :smiley:. Thanks.