DOpusx64 doesn't use WindowMetrics icon size on sys. start

When Win 7 RC 7100 x64 is restarted, autorun DOpusx64 doesn't use my 48x48 WindowMetrics icon size setting; it opens with 32x32 icons.

Exiting DOpus from the system tray (oops - the "Notification Area"!) and re-starting DOpus allows DOpus to pick up the Windows setting.

Anyone else see this? Should I file a bug with GPS?



On a hunch, I let Win7 sit on the logon screen for about 5 minutes before I logged on to my account.

When I opened my first lister after that, DOpus had the correct icon size.

So apparently DOpus needs more time than I've been giving it to pick up the metrics setting. My normal workflow to repro the bug is: see logon screen and immediately log in - see desktop and wait for gadgets to load and DOpus tray icon to appear - right-click desktop and select New Lister.


Windows 7 retail is out now. Bugs that affect the Windows 7 release candidate are unlikely to be investigated unless they also affect the proper version.

By the way, how are you changing the icon metric setting? It seems odd for it to be one thing right after login and then change a few moments later, and I'd say that's the problem rather than anything Opus is doing.

But it would be a simple thing to try in the RTM version to see if it existed there. Maybe 10 minutes for both scenarios? 20 tops? :slight_smile:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\Shell Icon Size.

It's almost as if I'm asking DOpus to show me the folder icons in the lister before it's finished gathering all of the pertinent info from Windows.


Updating to the release version of Windows 7 would also take 10-20 minutes tops.

I can't speak for the rest of the forum, or for GPSoftare, but, sorry, I'm not spending my spare time messing around in the registry and rebooting multiple times to try to reproduce an issue that could be a beta-OS bug or might be a boot-timing issue that's hard to reproduce on different hardware just because you want to put off updating to the proper version of Windows 7.

And a couple hundred bucks I don't have just so I can run a dual-boot setup. My primary OS is Win Vista 64 and all of my serious work is done there. Win7 RC is "just to see" how it works with my hardware and some of my software. I won't shift to Win7 full-time until at least SP1.

If you think your time is worth more than mine, then I respectfully disagree. I spent my time trying to report and troubleshoot an issue with DOpus in an OS that I could give a flip about. Now I know that you had no way of knowing my system setup, but you didn't even ask. You just let me have it with both barrels. I didn't deserve that.


That registry setting doesn't seem to make any difference to Opus, no matter when it's started (on Win7 RTM). Are you sure you're not getting confused by seeing a virtual folder (e.g. Desktop) with large icons? As the display of these folders is provided by Explorer you will get the extra-large icons in these, but the display of "real folders" is provided by Opus and icon size in those would normally be 16x16 and 32x32.

Hi jon,

I have dual-pane lister with no tree as my default. The left hand pane opens with My Computer and properly-sized drive icons. I assume that's because DOpus gets all of the My Computer display info from Windows.

The folder and document icons in my tabs in either pane that are set to display tiles are the ones that display too small at startup (32 px instead of 48 px). If it makes a difference, the right-hand pane in my default lister opens in details view. All of the tabs that are set to Tile mode are hidden when DOpus first starts.

I have the DOPus Prefs item, Lister Display Modes|Tiles Mode|Tile Size set to 48 x 3. Is that the correct item and setting if I want 48 px x 48 px folder and document icons? If so, that setting isn't kicking in right away when DOpus is first loaded at system start up.

Is there a different registry key where I need to set the icon size? A different Prefs setting? I do get 48x48 icons after exiting and re-starting


Can you post a couple of screenshots to illustrate what you are seeing (before & after)?

Be happy to. Give me a little while.


Fair enough. I assumed if you were running Windows 7 and reporting bugs in it then you were actively using it, in which case it seemed silly to avoid updating to the final version. A lot was fixed between the Beta/RC and the final version and the RC will expire so it's well worth upgrading to if you use it.

Maybe your time is worth more than mine -- I don't know what you do for a living any more than you know what I do -- but at the end of the day you're asking other people to give up their spare time to help you get to the bottom of something. The forum isn't official tech support (that's here); it's a user-run forum (that includes the admins) where people help each other in their spare time.

I said I didn't think it was worth investigating issues found in beta OS because it could be a waste of time if the issue is due to the beta OS, esp. when the final version has been in stores for two weeks. I made it clear I was only talking for myself. If someone else wants to spend time looking at it, that's their choice. (Looks like Jon from GPSoft is interested, so that's cool.) But for you to then say it'll take at most 20 minutes of my spare time seemed rude to me, as does your assumption that your time is worth more than mine.

I didn't ask what your setup was as your first line said it.

Anyway, sorry if I overreacted. Mostly I'm annoyed that Microsoft's policy of "free beta versions for everyone when it's useful to use, but we'll then leave them running old code", along with the general attitude people now have to beta versions (which are treated not like beta code but like free evaluation copies of shiny new things). It left developers with the burden of users reporting issues with various different versions of the OS that may have already been fixed in the final release OS. (Something I've been complaining about for a while. Note all the responses from other people in that thread telling me I'm stupid for even wanting to support people using a beta OS, even back then when it was the only version available.) I had hoped that the retail release of Windows 7 would put an end to that issue.

Sorry if I gave that impression. Here in forum-land, our time is equally valuable. Your initial statement:

gave me the impression that GPS wouldn't bother to investigate. I figured asking their tech support guys to spend 10 -20 minutes looking at the problem wouldn't be too much to ask. Heck, I didn't even know you were running Win 7 until a post or two later when I noticed the small print under your avatar. :slight_smile:

Completely understandable and justified, IMHO.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.


PS: Those screenshots are coming just as soon as I can repro the issue. I've been tinkering with the DOpus settings and some registry settings and I may have inadvertently solved the problem. Which means I have to figure out what I did to cure it. It's really going to suck out loud if this was user error.

Three screenshots:

  1. What I get in Vista all the time.
  2. What I expect in 7.
  3. What I get most times in 7.