Double click on desktop stopped working

This is just a comment, rather than a current problem: as I think I solved it (while writing this post in fact). But just in case its helpful to someone else I will post it anyway....

I just updgraded to v9.5.2.0etc on Vista (all service packs/updates). Dopus now won't open a lister after double click on desktop (many reboots and registry cleans later its the same problem). Right clicking the desktop shows a menu to open a lister etc (which works) - as can be set in preferences. I checked Task manager and the right things seem to be running (as far I know): dopus.exe, dopusrt.exe. Still no response to a desktop double click. I went to Preferences and my current setting there (under Launching Opus) was still checked to open a saved lister layout when double-click on desktop - so that was not to blame...

I solved it by turning OFF this feature in Preferences (and hitting apply). Checked that double click still failed (as it should now), but then I went back in and turned it on again. Now works. Go figure.

Did you have Opus running elevated (as administrator)? Doing that will break desktop double-click unless dopusrt.exe is also elevated. (Running Opus elevated isn't a good idea. Instead, use the built-in Admin Mode and other UAC support.)

I am not clear on all this administrator stuff. All I can say is that i am the only user, I have an account I use, and it has admin rights. I install everything with that account. No UAC running (turned off long ago, I think the first Vista day). So I did not install with elevated rights that are different to above (eg do you mean right-click, run as administrator? that sort of thing?). The page you refer to is what I have always done (that second paragraph in brackets about UAC disabled). In all this rambling I think the answer to your question is no.

I should have added that:

[quote]To turn off the "Run as Administrator" option, right-click on the Opus program shortcut and choose Properties.
On the Shortcut tab, click the Advanced button, and make sure the "Run as administrator" option is off.[/quote]
This was already off.

[quote]Then on the Compatibility tab, make sure the "Run this program as an administrator" option is also off.
While looking at the Compatibility tab, also verify that Opus is not set to run with compatibility mode for an older version of Windows.[/quote]
Also off.