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Double-click to toggle thumbnails


I have been using a button and/or hotkey to switch between Details and Thumbnails mode for years now. But a few weeks ago I tried setting the double-click on file display background function to do this, and it has been a wonderful change. If you frequently toggle between two different file display modes, try it out, you'll love it.

The code I use is Set VIEW=Thumbnails,Details

The only issue is that it sometimes it isn't possible to find a spot to double-click if you're set to Details and your lister is completely full of rows/columns. But in my experience, this doesn't happen very frequently, and when it does, I still have my hotkey as a backup.


I didn't know about this. This could be extremely useful. Thanks, @newguy!


THANK YOU! This is the best secret find in Dopus of 2017!


Thank you for the command toggling thumbnails view.
Thank you for reminding about those settings.
In those setting it's possible to assign it to the single middle click, what I liked most.