Dear Friends,

I am frankly a bit embarrassed not being able to fix my problem. However, since I upgraded Dopus to v12, it happened several times that I was unable to open a folder by double-clicking on it. Only way to open is to right-click - Open in Directory Opus. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!


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You could check, if in > Preferences > File Types > All Folders > Events the left doubleclick event still is go. But it wouldn't explain, why it happens only occasionally.

If it's intermittent, it's possible Ctrl / Alt / Shift are stuck (either physically, or in terms of what Windows thinks is down). Next time it happens, try tapping those keys, on both sides of the keyboard, to see if it puts things back to normal.

If it's not that, check if you're in a different display mode to normal or anything like that, and also whether double-clicking works anywhere else.

Could your mouse be on its way out?

Thanks for the many responses. Highly appreciated!
Since I am currently having the issue, I can test it a bit and provide some further details.

(i) I think that I can rule out that it is due to my keyboards or mice since the problem does not occur at all when I test in parallel with explorer.exe. In addition, opening a folder or even playing a music file by using [Enter] also does not work currently, which I haven't noticed before.
(ii) I discovered that one folder with over 1400 files and sub-folders with its contents fully visible has (since hours now) a blue throbber on the right side of the bar indicating the folder's location.
(iii) I have no issues with ctrl / alt / shift and also my system is not considering such buttons being pressed.
(iv) when I "Open new Lister", no such problem occurs.