Double-clicks don't work; DO often doesn't start at all

I've written previously about this issue. DO often takes a long time to start -- regardless of whether I've checked it to start on Windows start-up -- and sometimes it doesn't start at all. As well, in what be a related issue, double-clicks rarely work, whether I have Desktop, Taskbar, or both specified.

Where can we find that, so we know what has already been discussed and tried?

Your only other thread under this account doesn't look related: No icons on detailed view

Leo, it's really not helpful to tell me to search through this entire forum for a request I posted for which there was no response.

I have no memory of the older thread, and thus no idea if it had any replies or additional information. I assumed there was useful information/discussion in it, since you felt it was worth mentioning. But if it's posted under a different account then I know even less than you what to search for to find it. If you don't want to find it then fine, we can start again.

  • How long, approximately, does it take to start when it is slow? If it's about 30 seconds, that kind of delay is often caused by an unavailable network drive being accessed, which Windows will try for 30 seconds before giving up.

  • When it takes a long time to start, or doesn't appear to start, is dopus.exe listed in Task Manager? If not, something might be blocking or killing the process (e.g. antivirus).

  • If it is in Task Manager, what are the CPU, disk and network usage like? Are any of them high?

  • For double-clicks not working, do you mean double-clicks on the desktop to open a new lister? Is that only after Opus is already running in the background? If so, make sure dopus.exe has not been run elevated, as that can block other processes -- including the one which handles desktop double-click -- from asking it to open new windows:

  • The next time Opus takes a long time to start, please generate a process snapshot and send it to us. We can often see where it is stuck from there:
  • A Process Monitor log of what happens when Opus is started for the first time may also be useful, to see what the process is doing. (i.e. Before dopus.exe exists in Task Manager, start Process Monitor, then launch Opus and, if it takes a long time or fails to start, save the log and send it to us.)

The process snapshots (2nd last item above) are usually the quickest and easier things to generate, if you just want to do one thing.