Double-height Layout Bar

Hello, I've read Leo's comments in another thread regarding multiple rows of tabs, so I am ready to duck lol...

Question: At work I save individual projects as separate listers in my layout tab. However, I have many more projects than fit across my layout toolbar and so half of them fall into the drop-down list at the right.

It's so much easier and faster to see them on the bar and click on them.

It would be very handy to have the layout bar wrap into two lines(or more), in other words double-height or on into triple-height. Or have a setting to fix the height to two rows or more.

This functionality may exist and I just haven't found it yet.

And thanks again for a fantastic program, I can't tell you how big a part of my everyday productivity this little gem is.

Opus 12 will allow layouts to be organised into folders, which may help there. You can try the public beta now via the link in my signature.

Thanks :wink: And here is my workaround, I hijacked the Images toolbar and removed all the content, then used it to add new buttons to folder destinations of my more permanent links.

This frees up the Layout toolbar for my projects which might live on the bar for a few months to a year.

But wouldn't it be nice to have multiple Layout toolbars or the ability to make them two rows or more in height ? :slight_smile:

This is my personal copy of Dopus and not my work copy but it's set up the same, you get the idea:

[broken imgur link]

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You can create new, empty toolbars to use as you wish. No need to hijack and empty the Images toolbar for another purpose.

IMO, once you have that many items, it makes sense to put them in a submenu rather than spill everything into multiple rows on a top-level toolbar. At the top level, it makes sense to have a handful of things that get used the most, with a menu for everything else.

Opus 12 supports vertical tabs. That may be helpful if you routinely jump between multiple tabs. It takes up a bit of display real estate but if you have all your regular tabs available you probably don't need the tree. When combined with Favorites and/or a "Go" submenu of folders that you regularly visit, as Leo suggests, the tree becomes largely redundant in my experience.

Regards, AB

Leo - new toolbars - yes I see that now, thanks.

I wanted a double height layer toolbar as well, so that I can have both search and path boxes with full width. Definitely the path so it's nice and long.

Problem with hijacking another toolbar is I don't get to have a search and/or library path unique to that library window.
So what I did is make the path 'full width' and make the search not full width and make it small. When I'm typing in a search it still works.
I still get to have the full global search box at the top of DO12 and an image toolbar overtop the preview window.

You can already add as many toolbars/lines as you want there.

Opus 12: Preferences / File Displays / Border

Opus 13: Preferences / Location Bar / Toolbars

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