Doubt about actions available in the File Type Editor

Hi there!

I have a little doubt about the Actions tab in the File Type Editor: what is the criteria Directory Opus uses to decide which commands (verbs) go in Actions and which ones go in Context Menu? Is it related somehow with allowing us to better sort context menu entries? Actions can't be sorted out, right?

I've always found it strange not to find the well-known edit action in the Actions tab, as I would say it's the most common one after open. I know I can edit them no matter where they are located, I'm just curious.

The distinction comes from the original design of the Windows filetype system; what we call "actions" are the base set of "canonical" verbs that are supposed to work in any language.

These days the distinction is pretty arbitrary.


I see. In that case I'm pretty sure that edit and preview are de facto canonical verbs as defined by Microsoft —they can be used with any language, and the system automatically generates a properly localized display string— even if they aren't listed in Microsoft's documentation. I would say play is also a canonical verb, but in this case I'm not so sure.