DPI scaling issue - Internet Download Manager

Hi there,

I use Directory Opus 12 and a Dell laptop with Windows 8.1.

Recently I was given a Samsung television which I have connected through an HDMI cable and with which I've been having some trouble. Some softwares respond well to scaling, some don't. Up to this point Opus worked quite nicely, but last week I had the internet reinstalled (I had been offline for a year and a half) and notice now that though Opus starts out scaled properly, while I'm surfing the web (often I think YouTube in particular is causing it, but I'm not certain) and I return to an Opus lister I find that the lister has shrunk from full screen to a much smaller screen, about 2/3 the size it had been, with smaller icons, tiles, thumbnails. If I go into Task Manager and end task on Dopus and Dopus Helper and restart, again, the scaling is fine at first and yet the internet/maybe-Youtube phenomenon repeats, i.e., shrinks.

Does anybody have any idea what might be triggering this?

Sorry if this is unclear, it's hard to explain and I'm not entirely CPU literate. Thanks for any insights though!

Ps: it does seem to be when I play a video online, doesn't have to be YouTube. My Dopus lister immediately shrinks and icons/tiles/thumbnails shrink proportionately.

That sounds like a video driver issue if it's being triggered by playing videos. Have you installed the latest drivers for your GPU?

That or the video playback software is changing the system DPI. (Opus needs to be exited via File > Exit Directory Opus and restarted if that happens.)

Hi Leo, thanks for responding.

Yes, I've installed the latest drivers (it's an old laptop, but I installed the Intel Driver Utility and it said I was up to date -- I even tried to force an update and ended up having to do a system restore, thus my late reply). It's odd, it only happens with online videos. Nothing happens when I open an AVI or Mp4 in VLC.

Any more thoughts? Thanks in advance either way.

It seems that I can only reproduce the problem in Firefox. If I play videos in the Chrome browser the scaling of my Dopus lister remains correct.

Does this information help? Anybody have any ideas? I'd prefer not to change browsers if at all possible.

Just thought I'd let people know in case they ever come across this problem (which seems unlikely, but nevertheless...) that it was the Internet Download Manager addon for Firefox causing the problem. I disabled it and everything's fine.