Dps file format overriding dopus file type?

I use the dps file format (it's a video file for my editing workstation). I need to associate this with the dps player I have onboard but dopus already has the dps file associated with itself. If I go into file types and change this will it mess up dopus?

Hi John,

I can't say for sure, but I really don't think so. Once of my minor complaints about the new .DPS settings files is that while Dopus 'registers' them and assigns an opus icon to these files, it can't actually do anything with them outside of the actual Settings Import/Export utility. None of the Prefs functions support the .DPS settings file currently, and so double clicking on them just causes the standard Windows 'The file does not have a program associated with it' message to pop up.

So since it doesn't seem to be possible to 'do' anything with this file type I think you'll be safe to change your File Types Settings. You should always be able to change it back anyway by... er... exporting your current settings to a ... DPS file? LOL...

Thanks, Steje. I'll give it a shot! :slight_smile:

Sure thing John...