Drag-and-drop events does not work with FTP folders


In the "file types" options, I've customized "all files and folders" events, so that when I control + drag-and-drop a file or folder, it copies it and replace if needed.

But I've noticed this does not work when drag and dropping to a FTP folder ? Is that expected behavior and is there a way to make it work ?

PS: drop menu does not work either...

Drag & drop to FTP sites does not run the actual commands in the drop event; it just inspects them to work out if the operation should be a copy (results in a standard copy being performed), a move (standard move) or something else (the drop is blocked).

FTP is handled specially since most commands you could put in events would not work in the context of FTP. (Although in this particular case it could work and we just haven't plumbed-in support for the WHENEXISTS argument in this situation.)

Using a toolbar button or hotkey should work OK here.

Thanks Leo for your answer.

I hope you can make it work some day :wink:

Should it work for Drag & drop from FTP folders?
I defined "Copy move as" for Ctrl, but that does not work when I move a file from a FTP folder (smartphone) to a local folder. It is simply moved.

I'm not sure, off the top of my head. I'd need to investigate the code to work out exactly what's supported for customizing drag & drop when it comes to FTP sites. We can do that if you link your account, but our time is limited otherwise.

ok. Would be nice to know which D&D commands should work for FTP. :slight_smile:

Account is linked now.

Thanks for linking!

I've gone through the code and, if the source of a drag & drop is FTP, the drag & drop actions are fixed for the Copy/Move/Link drop types (usually Ctrl/Shift/Alt) as:

"Copy" will run copy movewhensame (or copy renamewhensame if Ctrl is explicitly held down or the situation doesn't allow a move).

"Move" will run copy move

"Link" will run copy makeshortcut

While the drag & drop actions can't be modified for that situation, you can do different things via toolbar/menu buttons and hotkeys, if needed.

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