Drag and Drop files on Application Toolbar to run them

Am I supposed to be able to drag and drop a file (say, drop a text file onto the Notepad icon) on the Application Toolbar and have that application open that file?

Whenever I drag and drop a text file on Notepad in the Application Toolbar, a blank Notepad opens. Same thing with Excel and Word files- just an empty spreadsheet or document. I CAN drag and drop a file from one drive to another, so the concept seems to work OK.

Is there some preference I need to enable for this to work?

Edit the toolbar button. Its command will be something like:


Change it to:

"C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe" {filepath}

(Adding the quotes is only important if there's a space in the name, but is harmless to add when there isn't.)

Now you can drop files on the icon to open them with the program. (Assuming the program will open files specified on its command-line, which is the case with most programs but not quite all of them.)

You'll also be able to open files with the program by selecting them and clicking the icon. If you don't want that additional ability and instead want clicking the icon to always launch the program on its own (even if files are selected) then you should add @filesfromdroponly to the end of the command, as a separate line:

"C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe" {filepath}

(Click the Advanced button to make the button editor show a multi-line edit box.)