Drag and Drop from WinImage fails

Howdy all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows if the following sort of thing would be in GPSoft's realm of things to try and look at... I'm trying an application called WinImage which is a sort of archiving application specifically for various types of disk image files - like raw floppy disk images.

Drag and drop from this application to Windows Explorer works just fine, but when I try and drag a file from it to a Dopus lister I get the following:

Wondering if this would be something to talk to GPSoft or the author of WinImage about possibly looking into.

Hi Steje,

I use the Powerquest Virtual Floppy Editor ver. 5.00 .
It was bundled with Drive Image back when PowerQuest was still PowerQuest and not Norton .

The Help -> About has a link to WinImage among other credits, so it may very well be the same program.
I'd be happy to send you a copy.

In any case, the Bug is confirmed.
It does the same error with DOpus and works with Windows Explorer.

:opusicon: porcupine

Thanks Porc... I'm a proud PowerQuest customer myself and had the old VFE as well, it's what eventually led me to WinImage. At some point I went the route of using a virtual floppy driver/emulator program to mount copies of disk images as a virtual drive (ala Daemon-Tools - but for floppies) in order to edit them... and still use ir for apps (like Ghost) that want to create boot floppies. I just revisited WinImage since their version '8.00' came out and noticed this weird issue. Just wondering if it's a 'WinImage' or 'Dopus' thing. I haven't bought WinImage yet, so figured I'd check here first...

It's probably that WinImage doesn't support the type of drag & drop datatypes which Opus offers. Not sure how easiest to fix it.

I use bootable CDs thse days. Much easier (esp. as I don't have a floppy drive, heh). But that's not importnat right now!

Hmm... I'll contact the WinImage dude to see if there's anything obvious that he could look at for this and ask if he could contact GPSoft for any guidance on 'supported data types'.

Side note- yes, I also exclusively use boot CD's, and it's actually for this purpose that I want to be able to edit raw floppy (or even hard disk) images with an app like WinImage. I 'do' still have a floppy disk drive but would never again use it... Editing the 'images' used for my boot CD's is soooo much quicker with an app like WinImage or a Virtual floppy driver.