Drag and drop from WinRar died after upgrade

When I drag files from a zipped rar archive in WinRAR to an open lister, DOPUS freezes. I have waited 2 hours, stays frozen, rebooted also. Other listers work ok. But the only way to stop the frozen one is to shut the whole dopus program. Never had such a problem before in recent years and this is quite a headache for my method of operation if i can no longer do this.
WinRAR v3.51
DOPUS v10.5.1.0 (4848)
If I use the "Extract to" feature of winrar, and paste in the folder path, then the files extract ok. So its only the drag and drop issue. I have not upgraded winRAR for a year, so it seems to be DOPUS in my opinion. I seem to recall this issue many many years ago with an earlier dopus version (at least 5 years ago or more).
A bug?

That's a very old version of WinRAR, so updating it would be worth a try first.

If you still have problems, the setting mentioned here should help:

Thanks for the quick reply. I upgraded WinRAR to 4.11, then 4.20 to no avail. Still freezes dopus.

I then tried the setting you mentioned and it works now:
"Under the "Advanced" section, a key named "dragdrop_async" and changed the value to "FALSE".
Thanks for the tip.

I am not sure what are the implications of this comment "the trade-off being that most drag & drops from other programs on to Opus will tie up the Opus window until the drop is complete". Does not seem too high a price to pay. But for now all seems ok.