Drag and drop stopped working

This is a brand new problem for me just during the past week, normally Dirctory Opus runs great.

On my Windows 7 64 bit laptop, Directory Opus quit allowing drag and drop from usb drives. Directory Opus on my system is installed on the system drive. For the past few days, you can see a USB drive or an SD card in the folder tree but not in the tab. If you right click and select copy from the USB drive then paste in your destination, it works fine. Try drag and drop though and Opus locks up and nothing happens.

Drag and drop still works normally if using Windows Explorer.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so what caused it? If I'm unique I'll just assume the problem is with my Windows installation and reinstall everything.

Thank you.

If you turn on Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) does the problem stop happening?

Apparently the problem continues if that setting is selected.

However since making the original post, everything resumed working properly for a while, now the problem is back.

I think it may be a new problem with my Windows installation or with some other program on the computer causing it and nothing to do with Directory Opus.

Assuming Opus itself hasn't changed since before the problem started, it may be due to a shell extension something else has installed, or an anti-virus update, or a new driver or something along those lines, which is interacting with Opus when it tries to access the USB drives.

(Since the option I suggested didn't seem to help, it's probably not a shell extension, although that is still a possibility.)

If you open Reliability Monitor ("view reliability history" in the Start Menu) and click on the recent days, it will tell you what software has been installed and removed on each day, which might be a pointer to the problem's trigger.

(It could be the removal of something as much as the installation.)

OTOH, if the problem only started happening after installing the Opus or betas, it might be worth a try to download and see if that still has the problem.

Thank you Leo.

I think it's fixed, definitely not a Directory Opus problem, the problem in this case apparently was some USB device drivers not properly registered. No idea how they became unregistered but everything seems to be working now.

Thank you.