Drag & drop folder to quick access tree - feature request


I'm trying to drag and drop a folder from desktop to favorite tree [EDIT: I meant "Quick access tree"] in Dopus 12 view, but it's not creating a shortcut icon in the tree like it would in Windows Explorer when you drag a folder in between two icons in the WE favorite tree.

D12 would like to just move the whole folder where I'm trying to drag it.

Here's screenshot:

It's working as designed. Opus and Explorer are two different programs, so minor differences don't mean anything is broken.

In Opus, you can add folders to the Favorites tree by dropping them on the Favorites item itself. (Or on a branch of the tree.) You can't drop them between items.

EDIT: From the screnshots, it seems we are talking about Quick Access, not Favorites. Those are two different things (Opus can display either or both in the tree). To add a folder to Quick Access, you can right-click it. We don't currently support adding to Quick Access via drag & drop to the tree, but if you want to request that as a feature, you need to link your account first.

Oh, sorry about the mix up, I used totally wrong terms =(

Is there a way to add Opus favorites to Windows Explorer (WE) ?
If not, quick access is much more useful to use than just opus favorites - quick access will show in both of them -
for example a print dialogue box uses WE, quick access works in both of them (WE + D12), opus could have drag&drop feature as well.

Is there a way to reorganize pinned folders in opus?

I don't think Explorer has that functionality.

Not that I know of; you have to use Explorer for that. Once rearranged in Explorer, Opus seems to respect the new order after an F5.

It's interesting that even in Explorer you can only rearrange the Quick Access items via the tree and not via the file display, which indicates it's something special they do in their tree control and not generic to the virtual folder. I'm not sure if there is a public API for other programs to rearrange the Quick Access list.

Yep, that's what I've done, it would be easier to do this inside opus.

Is it still a feature that can be requested, or is it even possible to add the feature to opus?

You also got my vote that it would be nice to drag and drop to add or change order if favorite items.

@Leo I can't drag and drop to favorite branch...only works on favorite item!?

I follow +1. Adding by drag and drop, and also arrange order by drag and drop could be very helpful.