Drag & Drop Question

Hi - I'm new to Opus so forgive the newbie questions - I have checked the FAQ and had a search for answers but was admittedly a bit overwhelmed so apologies if these have been answered before!

I'll keep it direct this time - is there a way I can set the Drag&Drop behaviour in Opus so that when I D&D files into a specifically defined 'special' folder that's on the same drive, that it Copies rather than Moves the files, but with every other folder it follows the standard Windows 'same-drive-then-move' behaviour?

To elaborate - I have a folder on my D: drive called 'Shared' which my boss can access remotely. When I've completed a piece of work I copy the files into a suitable sub-folder of that folder for him to access from his machine. However, I also use the D: drive to work from so when doing this I have to make a conscious decision to 'copy' the files rather than drag&dropping, because as they are on the same drive, they will move them - which means my own local copy disappears, which is very bad. On the same hand, I regularly move files about that drive and would like Opus to stick to the standard 'same-drive-then-move' behaviour - I just want it to by default copy when I Drag&Drop files into the 'Shared' folder.

Hope this makes sense!

Not at the moment, at least not without some VBScript glue which probably wouldn't work very well in this case.

Right now drag & drop can copy, move or (like Explorer) move-when-same but there isn't a facility to change what happens based on the folders involved.

This isn't quite what you asked for but as an alternative you can go to settings/file types and in the Directory Opus File Types section configure the drop menu of the All files and folders file type like that shown in the screen grab below.

Any normal left DnD will copy or move using the default while a right DnD will pop up a context menu when you release the right button prompting you about what you want to do (copy/move or whatever).

Thanks again gentlemen - shame there's no way to quite do what I'd like, next version perhaps? Until then I'll just remember to use my head whenever I drag and drop files!

Oh and John - it appears this behaviour is default already (and is, indeed, default in Windows itself). I may consider getting into the habit of using the RMB when copying/moving files.

There is a rather serious unintended bug in the way this setting works.

When files/folders are dropped from a program, the source can set flags for what operations are permitted. These flags are described here:

Normally when dropping files/folders onto an explorer window the flags will be DROPEFFECT_COPY | DROPEFFECT_MOVE in which case a program like Directory Opus is free to decide whether to copy or move the files as set in the directory opus preferences.

BUT.. the bug in Directory Opus is that it does not honor these flags.

This can lead to some pretty serious destructive results if you were to use a program that disabled the moving of files by not setting the DROPEFFECT_MOVE flag (for example a program like a cd burner). Because now when a user drags some files into a dir opus window, dir opus is not supposed to be allowed to move the files, but it will given the default dir opus settings of "copy moveonsame".

The preference in directory opus settings for how to handle drag+drop is brilliant -- it just needs to not move when the source does not allow it.

I hope that the directory opus people will see this and fix the bug.

-mouser (donationcoder.com)

ps. Dir Opus developers, I'm happy to provide a tiny demo application that lets you test out drag+drop with the move flag set or not set so you can test, just let me know.

Hi Mouser, I've filed a report with GPSoftware about what you mentioned.

If you've already written the little test app then please attach it here as it could come in handy. If you haven't already written it then I'll leave it up to GPSoftware to request it if they need it, but they can probably write it themselves if necessary.

Thinking about this a bit, I guess there are cases where a drop should be denied ("no drop" cursor) if Move is the only allowed operation but a Move would not make sense. e.g. When dropping on a File Collection, there's no way to Move a real file to a collection.