Drag&Drop shortens foldername to 50 chars in d&d "hint"

When dragging files to a folder with the name "This is a folder with a slightly long name pad1 pad2"
the "Copy To/Move To" message is shortened to "This is a folder with a slightly long name pad1 pa".

The foldername always seem to be shortened to 50 characters.

I'm using W7 x64 Pro.

I mean, the message you get while holding the files above said folder before actually dropping them.

That's a Windows issue, not Opus. You should see the same thing when dragging between two Explorer windows.

That is really annoying.. Maybe they've never seen file or foldernames of that length? /s

I'm not too familiar with d&d, but I guess max descriptionlength of the dropimage
is 50 chars then. It is somewhat difficult to differentiate folders with the same prefixes atm
because of this.