Drag & drop to Favorites toolbar

I have a custom toolbar with one item on it, "Favorites *MyFavs1".
This shows all my favorites within favorites subfolder MyFavs1.
When I want to add a new directory location to that toolbar, I have to rightclick on the dir name, select add to favorites, open Edit Favorites, then move the new entry to subfolder MyFavs1 and finally it appears on my toolbar.
It shore would be nice to simply drag the directory name from the explorer window and drop it on that toolbar. Done!

ps. in case someone wonders, I use favorite subfolders as I actually have several toolbars showing different favorite subfolders MyFavs1/2/3 etc.

I'd support your drag & drop suggestion. It would also be good if the Add to Favorites command (as well as the Add to [FTP] Site List command) could (optionally) pop-up a dialog allowing you to rename and place the new item within the tree of existing items, like web browsers do when you add favorites.

(I say optionally because some may still prefer the quick, one-click method which adds to the root level.)

As always, if you want a feature you should mail GPSoft about it to ensure it's added to their list, once any further discussion here has died down.