Drag n drop from power mode

i ve had this question for ages, it's time I ask it!
suppose I select 5 items in a folder, in power mode. I then move on to do something else on another window, and then get back to the pane where I have the 5 items selected.
How can I drag'n'drop them somewhere without selecting a sixth one? If I try to drag the files clicking on just one, it just deselects the file.
Is there a way to do this in power mode ?


It depends how you have configured the mouse buttons in Power Mode...

I tested all the different options in power mode, read the relevant part in the manual, and I still don't get it. No option does what I want, am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to drag my selection without losing one file, but, when single clicking on a few files I should still be able to deselect them. Is this not feasible?

Hi, sfranky!
You configure follow the below image and you can easily drag files with your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON without deselecting files. This way is really convenient for me.

Good time!

I thought there was also a key you could hold to always drag and prevent the de-selection (in modes that toggle selection when you click), but I can't find it now so I may be confusing it with something else.

thanks both for your help!
I was hoping I could get away with using just the LMB, but I guess the RMB is just as ok...