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Drag toolbar button to dcf file: xml encoding problem with some locales


dopus version:12.7 x64
windows: win10 1709

Hi Leo,I have some buttions custemed by myself.And I often draged these buttons to a folder for save and export them.These buttons saved as dcf files and saved in xml format and encoding with utf-8. But I recently found that these dcf file encoding is no longer utf-8, but ansi as default.
When I use notepad to open a dcf file, which has become garbled.I tried dragging a dcf file to the toolbar,but can't import and restore a button.


Is that dcf made by 12.7 or one that was made previously?

If 12.7 produces that result, would it be possible to zip up the toolbar the button is from so we can try the same? (You can find the file by typing /dopusdata/buttons into the path field.) Please also let us know which region/locale the PC is set to.

(OTOH, if an older version made them, it may be something we fixed already, as we changed some of this quite recent. It's also possible that change is the cause of a new problem, of course.)


yes, I did not found this problem in previously version. My region is China mainland,locale is zh-CN.I open some dcf file and it looks like the code of XML did not write complete.


Would it be possible to zip up and send us one of the toolbars with a button on that triggers the problem?

#5 (36.9 KB)

It seems like the problem to be Drives.dop.I drag some button from Drivers toolbar ,the problem is reappeared


Many thanks!

A fix for this has been made and should be in the next update.


It looks like this wasn't fixed in time to make it into 12.7.2 beta, but it will be in 12.7.3 beta. Apologies for the extra wait.