Dragging file to breadcrumb downarrow

When I drag a file to a hard drive in the breadcrumb area, everything works fine.
When I drag a file to the arrow key beside a hard drive, a partial list of directories inside the hard drive opens.
So far so good.
But I've never, as far as I recall, been able to then make the list scroll, so that I can drop my file into a directory that was initially off the bottom of the screen.
The up and down arrow keys at the bottom of the scroll list only respond to mouse clicks -- not hovers. Clicking them with a mouse is not an option, as long as I am in the middle of a drag-and-drop operation.
I would have to release my mouse button first, which at that moment is depressed. And doing that not only releases the file I was trying to drag, it also makes the pulldown list disappear.

I've been working around this for years. Just finally decided to see if there were any solutions out there.


I don't think there's any workaround or way to make the menu scroll when using drag & drop.

Once you've got enough folders to fill the screen & require scrolling, I'm not sure it still makes sense to use the breadcrumbs menu for moving files around. It would be quite slow & fiddly even if it did scroll the list. Better to open another file display, IMO.

ok thx


it would be nice to have mouse-wheel scrolling enabled when going thru long lists AND additionally the pop-up of folders in the list when hovering over the entry if they have subfolders (in this case marked with a right-arrow) .
(without the intention of drag 'n drop)

do you consider to implement mouse-wheel scrolling and scrolling when mouse pointer on the top/bottom , and pop-up of subfolders in do 11?
(as it is realized in classic start menu). The status quo is not that comfortable

To my surprise you include thumbnails+details view, as i suggested 2 years and a half ago. :slight_smile:

That had been on our ideas list for a much longer time. :slight_smile:

Please link your account if you want to request changes.

Hi Leo, but your reaction didn't give me much hope.
I hope that the scrolling in the breadcrumb is also on your ideas list. :slight_smile:
For all those who want an impression of this feature take a look at UltraExplorer.