Dragging subfolder of zip, copies zip instead of subfolder

Hi folks,

little issue I stumbled upon, tested on 2 installations, both not the latest versions though.
If I enter a zip file and open a folder of that zip, the path bar will show ".. > my.zip > subfolder".
If i drag "subfolder" to somewhere else, it will copy "my.zip" instead of the single folder.

To me this seems unexpected, how about you? o)
Thank you. o)

I tried but couldn't really reproduce. Dragging the subfolder from the file display copied the folder, dragging from the location bar copied the zip. Not overly unexpected :wink:

Zip-File was created by Opus.

How is that expected if you drag the subfolder from the filedisplay, that it copies the folder (expected so far), but if you drag that same folder from the path bar, it would NOT copy the folder and copy the whole zip?
I don't see anything expectable in that. o)

A valid point... looks like dragging segments from the location bar is meant to create links (I wasn't aware this is possible). But I don't think links can point to stuff inside an archive, so Opus needs to create the link to the archive itself. But you are right, since copying the folder is possible this should be the default.

Whether a link is created when dragging from the path bar, depends on a setting in DO which I could not find even trying very hard, but it's there! o) You can try the right mouse button for dragging from the path bar as well, a little popup menu will appear, choosing copy in there would lead to the same effect (zip being copied instead of zip-subfolder).


I have a feeling there's a reason it works that way, but maybe we can improve things, at least when the drop lands on an Opus window.