Drag'n'drop from Outlook 2007 to DOpus9 folder under Vista

If I drag an email .msg file from Outlook 2007 (running under Vista Ultimate) and try to drop it into a folder via DOpus9, DOpus wants to save the file as the folder name it's being dropped into. Dropping from Outlook to Windows Explorer works correctly.

Heh, every version of Outlook seems to break drag & drop to Opus somehow. :frowning: It's like Tortoise SVN and context menu icons.

I'll file a bug report for you.

This is fixed in Opus[ul][li]...[/li]
[li] Drag&Drop of a message from Outlook 2007 to Opus now works[/li]
[li]...[/li][/ul]Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus