DragNDrop only moves files within folders not the folders themselves

DOpus 12.16 Win 10 x64 Ok, this is strange. I have a dual lister and when I drag a folder from the top lister to the bottom lister and select "Move", it creates the folder structure in the bottom lister and copies all files to it, then deletes the files from the top lister but leaves the top lister folder in place. What's really strange is I have other folders in the top lister that move just fine, only the Misc folder exhibits this behaviour. I tried a Cut & Paste with the same results. See my dual lister below.

I tried reinstalling DOpus 12.16, then 12.15, and reloaded older configurations with the same result. Windows File Explorer Cut & Paste works fine. I'm stumped.

After posting this I did more testing and found this. Under the Misc folder I have a sub-folder called John which has a Descript.ion file in it. If I delete or rename it the move works just fine.

Is Preferences / Folders / Options / Use 'descript.ion' file comments system instead of NTFS comments on or off? It could be connected.

Hi Leo,
Yes it is turned on. I use the Descript.ion files instead of the NTFS because I can create them automatically using other programs that I have created.