Drive bar question


Before i started to play around with settings, on my drive bar, i have it located on the left side of my screen. I had a small icon on top and the drive letter below it. Then in my infinite wisdom i decided to put a few folder shortcuts on the same bar. I then decided I did notlike that and removed them all. Now the drive icons are there, but the drive letter is right beside it and not below nemore. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to make the drivebar narrower. I never went into the settings of the drivebar or the drive buttons. I know this may sound petty, but its buggin me

Any ideas?

I think you must have edited the drive button at some point. In the command editor, next to the image check box is a dropdown menu. Here you can choose the position of the text, including 'below'.

well that fixed that.... honestly i had not touched that at all.... however, what i had done when I put the shortcuts to that bar was to disable the icon on that. I notice that when i did that for the first one, any subsequent ones i did also had the icons removed. I guess it must have change something for the drive ones as well. I set it to bottom instead of default and all is well :slight_smile: