Drive button problems

i'm suddenly having problems with the command GO DRIVEBUTTONS=hideempty when applied to CD drives and removable drives. they don't show even if they're not empty. if i remove the hideempty part, they show up fine. as far as i know, this just started happening today upon installing the new build.

anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?


If you go to My Computer is it noticing that the CDs are inserted? Windows seems to stop noticing CD changes at all sometimes (possibly if you disable autorun/autoplay) so it could be that.

I just checked with my install and it works okay here, FWIW.

yes, my computer notices the changes.

i'm not so worried about removable drives since the icons go away when they are unplugged. as for my one optical drive, i can have it always show, that's fine :slight_smile:

Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd work with this one.

Using the command GO DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed I cannot get the drive labels to show. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? DOpus Win XP SP3

Add the labels argument. FWIW below is the command I use:

[code]Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable,fixed,labels,multifunc,hideempty

// Note the multifunc argument determines if the drive will
// open in left or right or a new lister pane.[/code]

Hi John, the day isn't shaping up well. Tried your suggestion, even did a straight copy and paste from your post. Sadly, I still get the same results. Perhaps a few hours sleep will clear my mind.

Look at the toolbar in the Customize dialog. It may have Labels turned off for the whole thing which I think will override the per-button stuff.

I don't know how many times I watched your tutorial thinking I had missed something Leo. Labels for Toolbars were set to off; I have Labeled drives :smiley: Thanks.