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Drive Buttons that open in left/right with different mouse buttons

With the current DOpus drive button configuration, clicking on a drive will display that drive in the right-hand file display. The configuration can be changed to display the drive in the left-hand file display. Those who want the option to display in wither side must either (2) create two drive configurations, or (b) manually create a button for each drive that displays in the drive in a particular file display through a right-click/left click configured 3-button or via a left-click and key combo (ie hold down ctrl while left-clicking on drive).

Request DOpus enhance drive button to display selected drive in right or left file display based on right or left mouse click by default.

By default it opens the drive in the current file display, not the left or right.

If your buttons always open in the right, you might have the OPENINRIGHT argument added to them.

You can use a command like Go DRIVEBUTTONS=multifunc to create buttons where a left click opens the folder on the left and a right click opens it on the right. So what you want is already possible, I think.

That's exactly what I was looking for... Thanks Leo.

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