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Drives for each side of 2 panes


Is there any way to display the hard drives for each side of the two-pane view? This is something I still miss about Total Commander, and would make it easier to jump to a new drive within one of the panes. Is this possible now? If not, I urge the developers to consider adding it as an option.


There are a couple of ways to do that.

One is to add the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command to the file display toolbar (or a menu within it if you want things more compact). Anything on that toolbar automatically affects the side it is above.

Alternatively, if you want the buttons on normal toolbars, you can use the same command but add the OPENINLEFT and OPENINRIGHT arguments to make separate lists which always affect the left or right. (Without those, the command on a normal toolbar will affect whichever side is currently active.)

The Drives toolbar which comes with Opus has some examples you can build from.