Drives toolbar question

on the left hand side of my screen i have a list of my drives. I see an icon for the drive and below that i see the drive letter.

Is there a way to show the drive label as well. So if i have an external drive called "Movies_6" it would show me the icon, the drive letter below it (just like it does now) and then "Movies_6" under that? I often external drives and often times they use the same drive letter. It would be convenient if i could see from the drive bar what drive is what so i dont have to click on it first.

Is it also possible to have different icons for each drive? I have 2 buttons set up there

2-Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,network,removable,hideempty


Add labels to get the labels:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,labels

The Go command help page lists various other things you can add to DRIVEBUTTONS which you may also find useful.

The icons displayed are whatever icons the drives have. There are a few ways you can change a drive's icon. I personally do it via the registry setting made for doing just that. HDD Letter Icons shows how.

If you don't want to change the drives' icons, you could also make individual buttons for some or all of the drives and assign any icons you want to those buttons.

Thanks for the reference. Lots of interesting info there.

One thing though... I want the labels only for the 2nd button i have. For CDROM/Network/Removable.....

  • If i add ,labels to the end of that button, nothing happens.
  • if i add ,labels to the end of the first button it adds labels to everything (fixed and removable)

I was curious as to why it has this behavior?

The button itself needs to have the "Show Label" checkbox turned on in the command editor.

It does have that check mark set to it. Just it will only show the labels if i add "Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,labels" to the first button..... it will then add the labels to both the button that was set to fixed and then the other one that has all the other drives. I am not sure why it adds the labels to both buttons, but if i add it only to the 2nd button it will not work.

Then all the drive buttons are coming from the first button, and must be considered by Windows to be fixed drives. (That can include USB drives, depending on how they are mounted.)

Remove the "hideempty" from the second button and you'll probably see it generate an icon for your empty optical drive, if nothing else. (Assuming your PC has an optical drive.)

Found something else....

If i have the hideempty tag enabled, then my DVD drive will not show up even if there is a disc in the drive. If i remove the hideempty tag then it shows up. The label on the drive when i remove the hideempty says.

I can manually get there via DO, but the icon will not show up. Not sure why.

Some DVD drives don't report media changes properly. It's probably that.