Drop down list of folders when I hit a button

I have buttuns for direct access to my most used folders. Better than that would be a list of sub folders when I hit the button. I want the same behavior which you have when you click on the arrows in the breadcrumb path in the file display toolbar. Even better it would be that also the subfolders open their subfolders when I hoover the cursor over it, like a cascading menu structure. Is that possible? I tried a little bit with the FOLDERCONTENTS command with no solution for me. Any suggestions?

The Go FOLDERCONTENTS command is the way to do it if you want those things on your toolbars/menus.

Which arguments did you try, and what do you want to change about the result you got with it?

Dear Leo, thank you very much for your reply. First of all: The FOLDERCONTENTS command seem to be a booster for productivity and for saving a lot of clicks. I should invest much more time in studying the manual. After you said, that I´m on the right way I experimented with the options. Curiosly when I add the "nomenusel" argument the behaviour is exactly what I want. I wondered about it because the manual said "Hovering over a sub-folder will no longer expand it". It does the oposite in my opinion.
The only thing what I need now is to prevent, that all the subfolders of the folder I want to see as a menu button are visible in my menu bar as menu buttons . I only want to see the folder which I have indicated in the command editor. My entry is now: "Go X:\Modelle FOLDERCONTENT=nomenusel". When I´m in the custumize mode of corse only the intended folder is shown. After I close it I see the subfolders in the menu bar. How to prevent this? Additional: When I hover the list of folders and files can open the files by clicking on it. How can I open the folder in that list to show it in the lister? When I click on an folder in the dropdown list nothing happens. https://3d-labor.de/Leo.jpg

I do the same thing very often. I use either Flat View Grouped, or Flat View Mixed. I use those views so much I copied the buttons to the toolbar so I don't have to open the menu.
Then I created a button 'Hide Files' so that only folders are visible.


We'll fix the manual. Looks like it's wrong or out of date.

Make a sub-menu and move the command into that.

Clicking folders opens them here, except at the very top-level (where the command is placed on the toolbar), since those have to be clicked to open the menus.

If you want to open the top-level and get a list of its subfolders, use the following menu button as a template using your own path, see Show the Parent Folder and Subfolders with FOLDERCONTENT

You both are awesome. With your help I have now exactly what I wanted. Indeed I had the problem with the absent parent folder (see image https://3d-labor.de/parentfolder.jpg). There is one question left. I thought I could made a user defined command in the command editor with jinsights script, but then I became the warning similar to "From WEB copied XML-command buttons should not be inserted in the command editor". So I took the way to paste the script into a toolbar. Now I searched a while where I can edit that sript afterwards inside of Dopus, but found nothing. Do I have to edit the schript outside of Dopus and paste it once again into the toolbar? Where do I find the script inside Dopus?

This should be a separate thread, but you can edit the button in Customize mode, the same as any other toolbar button.