Dropbox context menu options x 2

Hi. I've just installed v12.30. I am now getting double instances of dropbox options in my Windows 11 context menu. See attached. Help?

Do both sets of menu items work?

What version of Dropbox do you have installed?

Yes, both sets of menus work.
Latest version of Dropbox: 161.4.4923 / November 9, 2022

Can you please follow the instructions here:

(that link should take you directly to "Finding The Culprit", with instructions on downloading DebugView and activating context menu debugging).

Once you've done that, please right-click on something that shows the double menu, and then post the output from DebugView that shows which context menu handlers were invoked.

Thanks Jon. I think I've done this correctly - let me know if not. Attached is the debugview log.

debugview-log.zip (3.8 KB)